Because of Jesus...Your Past Is Not Fatal


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Jan. 16, 2021


Have you ever known someone who was stuck in the past? Not like, always longing for the ways things used to be, but a person who can't seem to live beyond either what they have done or what has been done to them in the past. One of the amazing things about life surrendered to Jesus is that he deals with our past - he provides grace and mercy for the places we have sinned against God and others, and healing and deliverance from the wounds and hurt and pain that has been inflicted on us in our past - by others or by ourselves. As a cherished child of God, your past is no longer fatal...because of Jesus.

MONDAY (01/18): Isaiah 43:16-21
TUESDAY (01/19): Ezekiel 11:16-21
WEDNESDAY (01/20): Ephesians 2:1-10
THURSDAY (01/21): Psalm 51:1-17

To prepare for our next times of worship, please read the following scripture passages. As you read, note references to the power God gives us through the Holy Spirit and the effects of that power for present moments.

FRIDAY (01/22): Micah 3:5-12
SATURDAY (01/23): Luke 4:14-21
SUNDAY (01/24): Acts 1:1-8