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Feb. 04, 2023

Every local church is like a puzzle. When it is put together it looks like the kingdom of God for the particular community where it’s located. But each puzzle depends on the pieces in it, and the puzzle cannot be complete unless every piece is present and connected to the others. Every person filled with the Spirit has a role to play in the local community of faith where they are helping the kingdom of God come alive. If each of us do not add our piece to the puzzle, there will be holes in it, and others will be frayed and torn and the colors will be faded from trying to fill more spaces than they were created and gifted to. The puzzle will be lopsided or strong on the corners and empty in the middle.
The readings for the week ahead are:
MONDAY, February 6, Acts 12; Ps. 15
TUESDAY, February 7, Acts 13
WEDNESDAY, February 8, Acts 14; Ps. 16
THURSDAY, February 9, Acts 15
FRIDAY, February 10, Acts 16
SATURDAY, February 11, Acts 17; Ps. 17
SUNDAY, February 12, Acts 18; Ps. 18:1-19