Because of Jesus...Your Future Has Hope


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Jan. 30, 2021


Because of Jesus, the penalty for our past is paid and we can live power-full lives in the present. The story of Jesus changes what was about our lives, what is about living day to day, AND it changes what the future looks like for us – the future has hope. What kind of hope? Peter says it’s a LIVING hope. It’s not wishful thinking – it’s confident expectation. It’s living confident that God will keep every promise he has ever made. The present challenges – in our individual lives and in the world around us – are hard, even with the power of the Spirit at work in us. But because hope is confident expectation we can live in peace, knowing that whatever we face in the present God is with us fulfilling promises. It’s also hope that’s rooted in Jesus’ victory over death. Because his death ended in new life, when his story becomes ours, our story will not end with death but with new life!

MONDAY (02/01): 1 Kings 8:54-61

TUESDAY (02/02): Psalm 145

WEDNESDAY (02/03): Romans 6:1-11

THURSDAY (02/04):  1 Corinthians 15:12-24

To prepare for our next worship times, read the following passages of scripture and pay attention to what they say about telling the story of Jesus.

FRIDAY (02/05): Acts 5:12-21

SATURDAY (02/06): Acts 22:1-16

SUNDAY (02/07): Matthew 28:16-20